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At the Alliance Deadlands LARP, the New Hampshire Chapter of the national Alliance LARP system, new players can expect to find an enthusiastic, welcoming environment, where new players and veteran gamers alike are each treated with excellent attention and customer service, as well as a staff of experienced, easy going, open-minded players.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just interested in casually checking out this vast and quickly growing form of entertainment, come check out Alliance Deadlands, and perhaps you’ll find the weekend hobby you’ve been waiting for.

About the Deadlands Chapter

Alliance Deadlands is the only New Hampshire chapter of the Alliance game system.
It is a unique chapter with an Apocalyptic-Dark Ages setting and mood, throughout the plot, characters, and overall theme of the campaign. A player can expect survival horror to blend with high fantasy and a touch of dark humor.

We allow players from ages 16 and up (parents must sign a legal release for ages 18 and under), but our player base ranges across the board.

Weekend events are  $45 pre-paid or $60 at the door (pre-register online).

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2016 Schedule Is (Mostly) Up!

It’s true! Have a look at our Events page for more info!

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Give Us Fresh Blood! Err… New Players!

Alliance Deadlands is proud to present: The Bring-A-Friend Player Initiative!

If you bring a new player to an event who comes back for a second event, both you and they will receive 100 gobbies AND credit for one pick from our LCO ritual list, which can otherwise only be earned by NPCing a full event.  (Void where prohibited, not to be combined with any other offer, etc.)

Bring your friends! Bring your friends again! Get sweet rewards and help our game run!

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Calling All New Players!

Interested in joining us at Alliance Deadlands but not sure where to start? We have two helpful resources for you! The first is our New Players page, which tells you all about how to prepare for your first event, NPCing, creating a character and more. The second is our Beginner’s Guide to the Deadlands, which contains a basic introduction into the world we play in and the story we tell. Got questions? You can email Samara, our New Player Contact! Hope to see you on-site!

Deadlands Map 2008

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T-Shirts! Get your Deadlands T-shirts!

T-shirts are IN and they are GLORIOUS! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered! If you’re still looking for a shirt, we have a limited number available for purchase. Please contact Samara to see if your desired size is in stock and she will send you a PayPal invoice.

We have two delivery options: we can ship it to you for $5, or you can pick it up on-site. If you’d like your shirt shipped, remember to let Samara know so she can invoice you appropriately and include your address in the “message to seller” box.

T-shirt front (designed by the magnificent SC Scola):Deadlands T-shirt

T-shirt back:Deadlands T-shirt Back

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2014 Schedule Is Up!

Have a look at either our event page or the forum for more information.

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The 2013 Event Schedule Has Been Posted

The 2013 schedule is up on the boards and here is what has been posted.

May 3, 4, 5 Claremont site: De-armament – A wound left open has festered and must be lanced. When cries for help fall on deaf ears, it is up to a brave few to gather the forces necessary to liberate a lost people and eliminate a shadowy threat from the past.

June 28, 29, 30 Claremont site: The Seeds of Hope – Out of the ashes of hubris, a new purity springs forth. A place of great power bought with red blood must be made white anew.

July 26, 27, 28 Claremont site: The Man Who Would Not Be King – With his final hours upon him, how far will one man go to ensure the survival of his legacy?

August Battle Day faire, date&location TBA
September 27, 28, 29 Claremont site
October 18, 19, 20 Claremont site
November (dates tentative) 8, 9, 10, 11. Yes, long weekend.

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July Shiney Dreadfuls

Inside this Issue!

Deathly Do-Gooders, Elves Pregnant, Know Your Foe, Shiney Dreadfuls

July Shiney Dreadfuls

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